The Priority Coffee Difference

We strive to exceed expectations by working harder than our competitors in providing you with the quality customer service you deserve. We want to offer the best prices around with a service that has no comparison. When we leave the kitchen we make sure our cleanliness and organization is noticed. We maintain the coffee area by wiping the counter tops around the brewers, sugar caddies and racks. We keep the brewers shiny and the spray head clear of coffee grounds that have splashed up. This insures a clean and inviting look that is pleasing to the eyes and helps keep the brewer working properly, giving you less to worry about as you go about your busy day.


Why We Do It

We are in the business of serving and one of our goals is to help companies keep their employees focused and effective in the work place. It is a focal point of ours to help employees maintain energy levels to get the most out of their work day. We are more than happy to bring you what you need so you will be a hundred percent at your job. We will go above and beyond to make you smile. What we like about coffee is that it gives you a pick-me-up on the mornings you need one and other times you just drink a cup to enjoy an amazing full bodied coffee. There are so many different roasts and flavors to choose from now and with the many countries that supply the beans, you can come up with different beans to roast together and make a wide variety of great tasting coffee and it can give you a new experience every time you try them.

Service Area

We serve Houston and the surrounding area from Katy to Conroe to Galveston to Sugarland.