We deliver in Houston, one of the biggest and finest cities in America. We offer the very best in gourmet coffees available, calming and vibrant teas, almost every brand of soft drink, sparkling and spring water, all kinds of paper goods, utensils, sweeteners, candy, snacks and cleaning products or anything else that you may need to help your work force be energetic and efficient. We will service your account on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly schedule depending on how fast your company goes through our products. We use route cards and we catalog every item that you purchase with the pricing and par levels. By keeping track of everything we can make suggestions on product that is not being used or maybe increasing on others. When we refill your kitchen supplies, we monitor the amount of product the company goes through so our stock of products matches their needs. We bring all the products with us so that whatever you need it is immediately available. Any product that you may add on that day, we can bring it back that day or the next morning. We make sure all caddies and racks are refilled, the cabinets are organized and the stock is rotated.